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Connecting the Next Generation

Image by Sora Sagano

Our Mission

     At Konnext Media, we specialize in the purchase of advertising space on behalf of our clients and work to bring them a broader level of exposure for their advertising campaigns.  As a 100% Asian-owned enterprise, we are committed to giving back to the minority communities that raised us.  We endeavor to forge partnerships that consolidate fragmented minority-owned advertising supply and present those in a unified front to the market.  We also strive to uplift minority-owned brands by providing crucial funding and access to media and marketing that would otherwise be restricted by systemic roadblocks.  By forming strategic alliances and dedicating a portion of our proceeds to supporting the marketing campaigns of minority-owned enterprises, we are able to stimulate both the minority-owned businesses and the media ecosystem that we live in.  We know that a rising tide raises all ships, and by empowering those minorities around us, we aim to uplift our communities as a whole. 

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